Stress calls rise

30 March 2001

Stress calls rise

ORGANISATIONS offering farmers advice and stress counselling have received a massive increase in calls during the crisis.

Rural Stress Information Network (see Talking Point 106) 024 7641 2916 (9am-5pm, weekdays). Puts callers in touch with local stress initiatives and organisations offering practical help.

Farm Crisis Network:07002 326 326 (7am-10pm, daily). Based on local groups of volunteer farmers and church workers, who can help farming families.

Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution: 01865 727 888 (9-5pm, weekdays).Provides financial assistance to farmers.

Royal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent Institution 0131 333 1023

The Samaritans: 08457 909090 (24 hours a day). Offers emotional help and support. Salvation Army Agricultural Chaplain: 01270 522397 or 07967 559594 (24 hours a day). Keith Ineson, from Cheshire, is available to help around-the-clock.

National Pig Association: 01379 742091 (day), 01449 711250 (night), 0585 594144 (mobile). Jean Turnbull will offer advice and support.

to all people caught up in the crisis.

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