Study to go ahead on TBbadger link

21 August 1998

Study to go ahead on TBbadger link

THE government is to investigate the link between TB in cattle and badgers.

Announced this week (see News) the study will include a badger culling trial – as recommended by the Krebs report – to find out when culling is effective.

Trials will compare policies of culling all badgers against culling only when an outbreak of TB has occurred. A control area will also be included to help study badger population and behaviour.

Culling trials will start in two areas this year – the Devon and Cornwall border, and Glos/Hereford/Worcs border – where TB in cattle is at its greatest. Further trials will start next year and in 2000. Farmer participation in trials is voluntary, but all herds in trial areas will be tested annually for TB.

The government has also announced that compensation for TB reactors will be increased to 100% of the market value as cattle will be more exposed to infection.

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