Subsidy withdrawal means new future must be sought

04 May 1998

Subsidy withdrawal means new future must be sought

The Scotsman carries an article by a Scottish hill farmer and local councillor, who puts forward plans for changes in the regional economy in the face of the imminent withdrawal of European Community funding.

Rog Wood is a member of the Cairndale Group, an ad hoc working group on Dumfries and Galloway council. It comprises local farmers, elected councillors, the Scottish Agricultural College and the National Farmers Union of Scotland.

He believes that the loss of European subsidy, in the shape of CAP and “Objective” status funding, will mean not only farmers will be looking for alternative employment.

He thinks it is a good idea to persuade government and Europe to redirect funding to develop infrastructure such as roads and railways, thereby opening up the region to wider markets. He also wants to develop industrial units and affordable housing for the low income workforce to rent.

He also argues a case for redirecting CAP though a new structure that is locally administered “in a bottom-up rather than top-down manner”.

  • The Scotsman 04/05/98 page 18

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