Subsoilers on a roll…

8 May 1998

Subsoilers on a roll…

COMPACTION, rather than input deficiencies and disease, is, in the majority of cases, the cause of poor yielding areas, maintains Tim Howard Engineering. Such an assumption has led the company to introduce hydraulic folding versions of its 450 series Maxi-Lift subsoilers.

As on mounted Maxi-Lifts, these implements work in conjunction with a full width, large diameter – 63cm (25in) – packer roller to produce a heave and roll effect in one pass. Two versions are offered: A 4.2m (14ft) wide seven-leg model for tractors from 300hp-450hp, and a 5.4m (18ft) nine-leg for tractors from 350hp-450hp.

Both have 60cm (2ft) leg spacing and are available with front mounted folding arms for pre-cultivation equipment. Working depth, to 60cm, is set manually on the packer roller and both the implements fold to 3m (10ft) for transport.

Price of the 450 series seven-leg is £13,100 – a nine-leg version costs £14,200, and optional hydraulic depth control, an extra £1300. &#42

Trailed, hydraulic folding subsoilers are available from Tim Howard Eng.

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