Success claimed at official and alternative sites

17 September 1999

Success claimed at official and alternative sites

British Potato 99 turned

into a game of two halves

as visitors split their time

between the official and

the nearby alternative

event. Andy Collings and

Andy Moore report

JUST which of the two potato events held within a stones throw of each other at Newark last week had the greater number of visitors, will probably remain unknown.

What is certain though, is that organisers of the British Potato 99 and of the "alternative" event will both claim an element of success and, as a result, will find plenty to discuss when future events are planned.

Politics apart, those prepared to visit both sites would have discovered several new machines to interest them. At the main event new developments from industry giants such as Kverneland, Richard Pearson and Standen Engineering could be viewed, while the latest range of products from the likes of Grimme and Tong had little trouble tempting visitors to the second site.

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