Success For British Earlies

By FWi staff

“Britains Free for Kids” campaign, launched in mid-June to promote British early potatoes, has already made an impact, according to the British Potato Council.

“Although its difficult to tell at this stage, feedback so far has been extremely positive. Supermarkets have been having to buy in more potatoes as their stocks were running out very quickly,” said Victoria Branch of the BPC.

“We have already had over 10,000 customers redeem their vouchers which can only be a positive sign.”

Tesco potato buyer Roy Maynard said sales were significantly higher than last year. “The campaign has proved to be a real success. We also have a policy of local marketing and the two compliment each other.”

The BPC is already working on promotions for next season which will be following a similar line.

“I look forward to seeing an increased share of British potatoes in the supermarkets next year,” adds Mr. Maynard. “Consumers prefer to buy British where they can so we will do as much as possible to provide them with what they want.”


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