Suffolk sheep movement plan

THE Suffolk sire reference scheme has taken steps to ensure that members breeding stock can find its way to buyers this summer.

With the Suffolk breeding season just a month away, SSRS secretary, David Hiam, says he recognises what a difficult trading year this will be.

“It is going to be hard to find customers and to get rams to them.

“We have produced a ram buyers guide, locating members flocks around the country.”

All SSRS members will also have free membership for the ram selling website (, paid for by the scheme.

“As a scheme, using was the sensible way to identify animals, without costing a fortune,” says Mr Hiam.

The scheme will not select a reference sire this year and Mr Hiam urges breeders to use their best ram lambs on their own flocks this tupping season.

“If they really fancy it they should use it, so it is performance tested. Then we can have a really good selection of proven shearling rams to select from next year,” he says.

Meanwhile, Suffolk ram buyers will have the chance to buy stock at auction on Aug 1, when 250 rams will be offered at the Northern Ireland branch of the Suffolk sheep societys show and sale at Balmoral.

The society says a special dispensation has been agreed to hold the sale, but the breeds main Edinburgh fixture has been cancelled.

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