Sun shines on Hampshire garden party

30 August 2002

Sun shines on Hampshire garden party

WHEN Marion Poole throws a garden party, she does it in style.

The Hampshire FWC were so lucky to have a sunny day for their fundraising event held in Marion and Toms beautiful garden.

This devoted couple must have worked hard on the lawns and borders to make the backdrop for the event so pretty. They are no strangers to charity lunches – over the years they must have raised thousands of £s and on this occasion RABI will benefit by £350 from their efforts.

Unfortunately the speaker booked for the day had cancelled but that didnt matter, members were kept amused with hoop-la, bowling and a competition to name flowers starting with every letter of the alphabet not to mention finding Her Majesty The Queen in the garden. Her Majesty was eventually found in the form of a first class stamp stuck on a tree!

After the most delicious lunch, I had the job of judging the jubilee hats being modelled – the prize had to go to the most innovative by Betty Tickner who sported a very large dahlia bloom surrounded by cornflowers, all picked out of our hosts garden.

No-one wanted to go home, it was so relaxing in this English country garden which could so easily have inspired the writing of the song of that name.

Jean Howells

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