Supermarkets caught out by organic boom

07 January 1999

Supermarkets caught out by organic boom

SALES of organic produce are booming so much that supermarkets are having problems sourcing product, retailers will tell the National Conference of Organic Food and Farming at Cirencester tomorrow (Friday).

Tesco says it has experienced a 100% growth in sales of organic goods in the past year and is now pushing product worth £1 million a week through its stores.

Spokespersons for Sainsburys and Waitrose told The Daily Telegraph that they are unable to get hold of certain organic produce tosatisfy demand.

Organic produce is worth £35m to Tesco a year, out of a total budget of £18bn, but the company expects to see it growing at 100% a year for the next two years.

  • The Daily Telegraph 07/01/99 page 11

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