Supermarkets give lamb sales a push

7 August 1998

Supermarkets give lamb sales a push

AUGUST supermarket promotions of home-grown lamb are helping maintain producer prices, according to Scottish NFU vice-president, Jim Walker.

"The retailers are standing by lamb despite heavy supplies of cheap pork. August is traditionally a poor month for pork sales and the supermarkets remain keen to promote lamb as home supplies become more plentiful," said Mr Walker.

"There is also a strong demand for Suffolk and Texel cross lamb skins which are worth £8 or £9. But the whole trade is on a knife-edge and two weeks of summer weather which might cause a dip in consumer demand for lamb could see prices fall quite dramatically," he said.

There was also concern that trade for lightweight lambs from the hills might be more difficult later in the season. "Blackface skins are worth very little and there are concerns that the Italians may try to repeat last years exercise and use their own interpretation of SRM rules to block the import of lightweight lambs from Britain," said Mr Walker. &#42

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