Supermarkets too powerful – survey

6 November 1998

Supermarkets too powerful – survey

OVER three-quarters of farmers believe supermarkets are too powerful in the food retail sector, according to the latest RASE members survey.

But it appears many farmers are keen to deal with them; 60% think there is a good future for farmers satisfying supermarket specifications.

The survey among 1000 RASE members also shows that 80% of respondents want closer contacts all along the food chain to improve relationships and product development.

Just one-third reckon supermarket-run producer clubs are the best way for buyer and seller to communicate. But only 38% believe livestock auctions provide the ideal selling route for livestock destined for the big retailers.

Six out of 10 respondents also feel vulnerable to the supermarkets buying power, saying farmers should co-operate more to match it. And seven out of 10 believe farm assurance is a good thing. &#42

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