Sure and quick cleavers kill is pledged

30 October 1998

Sure and quick cleavers kill is pledged

A RAPID, reliable cleavers kill in cereals up to GS32 is promised by manufacturer BASFs new herbicide Lotus (cinidon ethyl). That means more spray days and greater flexibility for growers to tackle the weed, it claims.

"Lotus will close the efficacy gap in between optimum timings of Eagle and Starane respectively," says product manager Andrew Jones. "It matches Eagle at cool temperatures, and is equally effective as conditions warm up, right up to GS32."

Timings later than that risk yield loss as cleavers grow through the canopy, shading the crop and cutting yield by reducing grain fill and grain sites per ear, says IACR- Rothamsteds Peter Lutman. Earlier treatments may miss late spring emerging weeds, however these are unlikely to limit yields, he notes, though seed return from such weeds could be a concern.

Contact activity gives a faster kill of cleavers than Eagle (amidosulfuron) or Starane (fluroxypyr), even under cool conditions, adds BASF business development manager John Peck. Used in Feb full control is achieved in 6-7 weeks with Lotus, compared to 15 weeks for Eagle. An April application is similarly effective, with a much more rapid initial knockdown than Starane, he maintains.

Trials at Morley Research Centre confirm the speed of activity, but control from Lotus plus half-rate Duplosan (mecoprop-p) was slightly inferior to Eagle when applied in March, notes agronomist Libby Powell. April control was comparable to Starane.

Used alone Lotus controls cleavers up to the two whorl stage, along with speedwells, hempnettle and deadnettle. Adding mecoprop-p broadens the spectrum to include chickweed, volunteer rape and fat hen, and extends cleaver control up to 30cm (12 in) tall.

Reduced rates may be effective but are not advised. "There appears to be some flexibility with dose-rate of Lotus, but growers have got to be careful with lower rates as the risk of failure to control is dramatically increased," notes Mr Peck.

Lotus will be launched in Jan as an emulsifiable concentrate formulation containing 200g/litre of new active ingredient cinidon ethyl. Recommended rate is 0.25 litres/ha, with or without 1.5 litres/ha mecoprop-p, on winter wheat, winter barley and spring barley. It will be sold in one litre packs and priced so the Lotus/Duplosan tank-mix is competitive with full-rates of Starane or Eagle.


&#8226 200g/litre e.c formulation of new active cinidon ethyl.

&#8226 Recommended rate 0.25litres/ha  1.5 litres/ha mecoprop-p.

&#8226 Rapid kill even at low temperatures.

&#8226 Approved to GS 32 on ww & w.bly, GS 30 sp.bly.

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