Suremark launches computerised tracing system

07 May 1998

Suremark launches computerised tracing system

SUREMARK has devised a computerised tracing system that sets up a central database for cattle sold outside supermarket clubs. It has offered the system to butchers, auctioneers and farmers.

The company says it will also be able to provide beef buyers outside the UK with detail on the origin, movement and the BSE status of individual cattle as soon as the export ban is lifted.

Registration is through a Suremark form, which gives full details of the animal. It is handed over to an auction company, which passes it on to the central computer. There is no cost to the farmer. After the information is logged it is available to any organisation.

Auctioneers say it could take the Ministry of Agriculture three years to establish a similar two way database system.

  • The Scotsman 07/05/98 page 28

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