Surplus puts strain on spud market

By FWi Staff

THE potato market continues to be troubled by an excess of supply while
planting of earlies has almost ground to a halt following the recent rain.

Movement of best quality packing material remains steady although this is
largely confined to repeat orders, notes the British Potato Council in its
weekly report.

“Even dealing with material of known quality is becoming more difficult with
fewer stocks of top quality hitting the market.”

Bulk grade 1 samples are trading between 50-75/t with best Edward at
120/t in the Eastern counties.

But grade 2 samples are trading for as little as 15/t although the majority
is at 25-40/t.

Bag supplies continue to meet a slow and selective trade, with even repeat
business difficult, says a spokesman from the BPC.

“Poorest samples are from 15/t with best frying piper up to 80/t, most
40-60/t, Cara 30-60/t, other whites 30-65/t.”

Reds are trading between 30-55/t.

With continuing strain on the market the BPC weekly GB ex farm average fell
1.09/t over the week to 61.14/t. This compares with 185.41/t at the same
time in 1999.

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