SWQM raises product profile

8 December 2000

SWQM raises product profile

RECENTLY formed farmer co-operative, South West Quality Meat took advantage of the National Festival of Meat event to raise the profile of its beef and lamb aimed at the high quality meat market sector.

Co-op marketing manager Clare Parnell was pleased with the response from both trade and consumers. "Smithfield traders say their customers are increasingly asking about traceability and quality.

"Providing literature for consumers on how animals are produced could help market meat from the co-op. Consumers believe every farm that is not organic produces meat intensively, but we are keen to explain that our meat comes from animals reared on extensive grass-based systems."

The Devon and Cornwall-based co-op receives an Objective 5b grant to help with marketing and product quality. "We will receive a 50% grant to help buy sire reference scheme bulls and rams, and weighing equipment for performance recording to ensure that we produce a high quality, consistent product," she said. &#42

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