Syngenta looks at partial Advanta deal

3 May 2001

Syngenta looks at partial Advanta deal

By FWi staff

SYNGENTA Seeds says it is looking at the opportunity to buy Advanta but it would probably have to be without the sugar beet business.

There are only three major companies in that market and if we took over Advanta that would leave only two, says Gerhard Wulff, Syngentas European head of oilseeds.

That would be sure to attract the interest of EU competition authorities, so a partial deal is more likely, he believes.

However, other companies such as Bayer and BASF are also very interested in acquiring seed businesses, so a Syngenta deal is by no means a certainty.

Advanta hit the headlines last year when it unwittingly supplied hundreds of farmers with oilseed rape seed which contained genetically modified material.


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