Tackle cleavers before Mayday

23 November 2001

Tackle cleavers before Mayday

FORGET the fire brigade treatment for cleavers in wheat, it needs to be on by the end of April or GS33 if you do not want to lose yield, said IACR-Long Ashton weed scientist Kathryn Wright.

"The main message is that there is a wide window for cleavers control up to the end of April. Beyond that and there is significant yield loss."

At Long Ashton, in work with four herbicides, yield plummeted by 24-52% from May 20 and Jun 1 applications compared with earlier controlled plots. Admittedly that is only one years work, said Ms Wright, but it illustrates the point.

"It fits in with the Agriknowledge advice to control cleavers by GS32," added ADASs James Clarke. &#42

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