Take a walk for positive farming

31 May 2002

Take a walk for positive farming

FARM Walk Week is back and the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) hopes the public will take full advantage of the opportunity to join Farm Walk Week during June.

The event, sponsored by Hydro Agri, has a "butterflies on the farm" theme this year. Visitors will be shown how retaining and creating habitats such as ponds, woodlands, field margins and hedgerows, all integrated with the commercial requirements of the farm business, will attract butterflies to the farm.

This is the eighth year that FWAG has organised a farm walk initiative and technical director Richard Knight hopes 2002 will be the most successful one yet. "We are looking forward to showing the positive aspects of British agriculture and the wealth of good work which is being undertaken by farmers. I urge anyone who loves our countryside to join a FWAG farm walk and give British agriculture the support it deserves."

Dr Martin Warren, of Butterfly Conservation, adds: "Butterflies are sensitive indicators of the health of the countryside and we are looking forward to working with FWAG and farmers to ensure they have a brighter future."

Details of all walks organised from Jane Hampson, telephone 024-7669 8702 or email jane.hampson@fwag.org.uk

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