Takeover welcomed by Scots pig firms

9 January 1998

Takeover welcomed by Scots pig firms

SCOTTISH pig producers have welcomed Grampian Country Foods proposed takeover of pigmeat processor Halls of Broxburn.

David Whiteford, chairman of the Scottish Pig Industry Initiative (SPII), which runs a farm-to-plate quality assurance scheme, said the move had to be good for the Scottish industry.

"To qualify for SPII quality assurance, pigs have to be killed and processed in Scotland and the takeover will, we understand, lead to a 30% increase in the processing throughput at Broxburn," said Mr Whiteford.

"That has to be good news. Only pigs handled in Scotland can be SPII assured and there is currently a leakage of about 4000 pigs a week to English plants. A capital injection into Broxburn could increase slaughterings to 10,000 pigs a week, which would take almost all the Scottish kill," he said.

Gordon Stephen, chairman of pig marketing co-op Grampian Pigs, also welcomed the move. "The more Scottish pigs that can be processed in Scotland, the better it is for our industry. Transport costs and regulations mean that we have a reduced margin on every pig that goes to England for processing," he said.

Grampian Country Foods confirmed that negotiations to take over Halls were proceeding.n

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