Taking on grain driers

25 December 1998

Taking on grain driers

SHROPSHIRE-based Danagri-3S has taken on UK distribution of GSI grain driers and storage equipment.

The range includes GSIs Top Dry batch drying and storage silos, Airstream mobile batch and continuous flow driers and DMC Stir-Ator auger-type stirring systems.

Danagri-3S continues to handle parent Skiold Groups 3ST continuous flow driers.

The Bridgenorth company has also introduced a range of electric motor powered roller mills for on-farm use. Reduced power demand is said to result from direct drive to both rollers (rather than just one), and the motor/roller assembly is suspended from the main frame by rubber bushes to isolate noise and vibration.

Manufacturer ACEMO claims lower than normal noise levels from the 4kW Performant roller mill; and lower levels still from the shrouded Silence System version which has a 5.5kW motor.

A third model has been added to the range of Trayler mobile grain driers from Farrell Machinery, Woodbridge, Suffolk.

At 18t capacity, it slots between existing 15t and 25t units.

Like these, the Trayler F18 is based on a trailer-like tipping body with burner and fan supplying heated air through ducts. A fuel tank and electricity generator are included in the specification.



ONION growers wanting samples with a clean top and tail have a new device from Norfolk-based Nicholson Machinery to give them just that.

The Top-Tail is designed to trim roots and shoots from onions in a continuous process as the final preparation in pre-packing stations. It uses a series of acutely spiralled steel rollers working against smooth spring-loaded polypropylene rollers to top and tail a range of crops – including onions, radishes and red beet – for a neat and tidy finished product.

Noise and dust levels are said to be low, and the design is claimed to produce more consistent results than manual methods, with low damage levels and high throughput of 4 to 5t/hr.

Prices start at £15,500.


Nicholson Top-Tail uses a series of acutely spiralled steel and smooth-faced plastic rollers to neatly trim onions, radish, red beet and similar crops.

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