Tamworth Two do their bit for conservation

07 April 1998

Tamworth Two do their bit for conservation

THE runaway Tamworth pigs who narrowly escaped execution earlier this year are now in full-time employment in conservation management.

They are being used to create a new forest in a reserve on the remote Morvern peninsula on the west coast of Scotland.

Regeneration of the woodland has been hampered by grazing deer and sheep. The idea is that the Tamworths trample down and eat the bracken, soften up the hard ground with their snouts and trotters and introduce some natural fertiliser to the area.

The theory is that the pigs create clear, fertile soil and remove bracken to allow natural regeneration of the trees.

The runaway Tamworths captivated the imagination of the country earlier this year when they escaped from an abattoir and led police, journalists and locals a merry dance for days.

  • The Scotsman 07/04/98 page 10

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