Tank within a tank stops leakage

30 October 1998


Jet and booster pumps hold water

MAINTAINING water pressure can be a problem in difficult supply areas. To ensure a continuous water supply, Clarke International has introduced a range of electric jet and booster pumps with outputs from 41-101 litres/min.

Top of the range – the CBM240E multi stage tankless booster pump – electronically monitors water usage and instantly starts or stops the supply to maintain a constant pressure and flow up to 101 litres/min with up to a 48m head of water.

The whole range operates from a 230V single phase supply and all models are self priming and feature 25mm (1in) outlet elbow and double insulated impellers.

Pumps are supplied with electric cable, fitted plug and waterproof on/off switch and prices start at £79.95 (01992-565300).

Adjustable bangs

BIRDS can eat a lot of grain. To help reduce potentially costly crop losses – and ensure they dine elsewhere – Spaldings has introduced its programmable Truecraft birdscarer.

Its electronic control box allows the number of detonations to be adjusted from 1-4, with the time span between these ranging from 15 -60min.

To prevent early morning and late-evening detonation, the scarer also has the facility to delay operation by up to four hours, programmable in 30min increments.

Power comes from a 12V battery and the machine runs on most common sizes of propane gas cylinder.

Price £299 (01522-500600).

Tank within a tank stops leakage

BUNDED storage tanks, useful for the safe storage of hazardous or contaminating liquids such as diesel or heating oil, can suffer from a serious drawback – leakage and overfilling through rainwater or snow filling the bunded area.

Empteezys solution to the problem on its latest range is to put a tank within a tank, with the bund containing 110% by volume of the inner tank.

Moulded in polyethylene, the containers come in four standard sizes from 1135-5000 litres capacity and are available with a choice of either 1in BSP male bottom outlet for gravity drainage, or a 10mm compression fitting top outlet, which requires a pump to draw off liquid.

Standard features include a 10.5cm diameter fill hatch and a 2in BSP fill pipe, and prices start from £795 (01506-430309).

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