TB fear keeps entry down

5 June 1998

TB fear keeps entry down

By Simon Wragg

BOVINE TB was thought to be behind the fall in dairy cattle entries at last weeks Stafford-shire County Show, with producers reluctant to exhibit stock for fear of infection from the disease which is spreading in the area.

But other livestock sectors were seeing a renaissance. Pig numbers, although still small, had doubled on last years entry. Sheep entries were boosted by a strong turnout by Midland and also traditional rare breeds whose exhibitors deserve credit for the diversity and quality of stock presented.


Interbreed C W & G E Hallidays Jersey cow, Whitton Jude Heather Baby; res, Parkinson Partners Holstein heifer, Wilowma BC Glenne 4.

Holstein Parkinson Partners Wilowma BC Glenne 4th; res, Parkinson Partners Wilowma Chairman Leanne 6th.

Jersey C W & G E Hallidays Whitton Jude Heather Baby; res, R W & C M Baileys Abbotsley Aims Margo.

Dairy shorthorns W J & D M Winningtons Rantonall Gwynne 7; res, WJ & DM Winningtons Rantonall Fanny 5.

Dual breed A Plumbley & Cos Blaennant Eirwen 5; res, A Plumbley & Cos Calverley Esther.


Interbreed K &#42 & L M Burditts Simmental cow, Brinkton Bluebelle; res, J Barber & G Brindleys Belgian Blue cow Astbury Lilly.

Herford M J & &#42 M Timmis Shardew 1 Pharoah; res, D E Jones Dendor 1 Portia.

Simmental K &#42 & L M Burditts Brinkton Bluebelle; res, P &#42 Hills Scotland Hooray-Henry.

Charolais J G & B Jones Warning Lid Mistinguette; res, S N Baileys Beeline Nelson.

Limousin FJ Powner & Sons Hydesville Mandy; res, DA Williams Brontemoor Ilkley.

Belgian blue J Barber & G Brindleys Astbury Lilly; res, J Wyllies Olalla.

Aberdeen-Angus J Williams Panasonic of Blelack; res, N & S Dobsons Argwen Elnora.


Interbreed M Tullocks Charollis yearling ewe; res, L Norris Kerry Hill, shearling ewe.

Beltex G & J Belcher & Sons shearling ram; res, G & J Belcher & Sons shearling ewe.

Cotswold D Middletons shearling ewe; res, D Middletons shearling ram.

Jacob R E Blacknells ram; res, R Chapmans shearling ewe.

Portland Messrs Madders & Johnsons ewe; res, P Robarts shearling ram.

Ryeland E & M Yemms shearling ram; res, E J Pinches shearling ewe.

South Down L Griffiths ewe; res N/A.

Suffolk J Sherratts ram lamb; res, DF Jeffries ewe lamb.

Texel S P & C P Williams shearling ram; res, S P & C P Williams ewe.

Charrolais M Tullochs yearling ewe; res, JP Davies ram.

Shropshire R B Higgins ram lamb; res, S Evans shearling ewe.


Interbreed C D Vaughans White gilt, Vinery Lioness; res, K & K Matthews coloured boar, Lowpark Perfect 61. &#42

L-R: The Burditts Brinkton Bluebell scooped the beef interbreed title, seen here with Mike Houghton of Nat West and stockman, Mike Challinor.

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