Teagles topper doffed

24 July 1998

Teagles topper doffed

TEAGLE is expanding into the amenity, fruit and – currently buoyant – compact tractor equipment sectors, with a new topper, the Topper 4.

A single-rotor machine with a cutting width of 1.22m (4ft), it is designed as an in-line unit and runs on skids to give a height adjustment of 12mm-30cm (0.5-5in).

Contour following comes from the incorporation of a flexible top link post and the blade holder is mounted directly onto the gearbox output shaft.

Blades are cranked, to minimise stone damage, in addition to having turned up corners, a feature said to create turbulence for better spreading of the cut material.

Teagle Machinerys Topper 4 is aimed at the compact tractor user market and is priced at £865.

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