Teat for tat…

3 April 1998

Teat for tat…

IMPROVE mastitis control at the start of a cows dry period with a teat seal which forms a barrier against mastitis bugs for two to seven days, when the teat is most vulnerable to infection, says Northern Dairy Supplies.

The product, Blue Teat, is said to last longer than milking cow barrier dips, and will not dissolve in water, so keeping out water and disease-causing organisms.

The company advises using Blue Teat with antibiotic dry cow tubes which are essential to treat existing low level infections. When this practice of dry cow therapy and teat seal is followed new mastitis infections can be reduced by 36%, it adds.

Treatment with Blue Teat costs about £2 a cow, with a 100ml bottle costing £12 (01772-720358, fax 01772-726489).

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