Telehandlerbrush cleans up all over

18 December 1998

Telehandlerbrush cleans up all over

DESIGNED to give a clean sweep in farm yards, around stock buildings, on road and across beet clamps, the Suton Telesweep from Gurney Reeve & Co, Wymondham, Norfolk is purpose-built for use with telescopic handlers.

The company already produces a sweeper-collector carried on pallet forks and a sweeping brush attachment for telehandler buckets. But the Telesweep allows quicker changes from cleaning to other tasks by using a multi-fit linkage that can be attached to any standard telehandler attachment carriage.

The 2.13m (7ft) wide polypropylene bristled brush forward sweeps into a 0.75cu m (26.5cu ft) debris container. A single castor wheel at the front and two fixed rear wheels support the assembly, with slotted linkage providing sufficient free movement for the brush to closely follow ground contours.

Hydraulic drive to the brush – incorporating a flow control valve to adjust operating speed – and hydraulic power for opening the debris container, come from the telehandler. And the Telesweep can open a full 90í for complete discharge.

Options include a hydraulic drive kerb brush and gravity or pressure-fed water sprinkler systems to suppress dust.

Price is £3500. &#42

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