Tenants urged to fight agents on rents

13 May 1998

Tenants urged to fight agents on rents

THERE are signs that some land agents are still trying to secure higher rents, despite the widespread believe among tenant farmers, bankers and consultants that rents will have to come down.

To secure a variation of rent a landlord must serve a notice of review on his tenant at least a year before the start of the new agreement.

With many rents running from Whit Sunday (28 May) any notices served now will relate to rents to be paid from May 1999. But since most rents are paid six months in arrears, the first payment on a new agreement will not be due until November 1999.

Andrew Macfarlane, who combines farming in Aberdeenshire with a partnership in consultancy, said because rents are currently high compared with farm incomes landlords are unlikely to serve notices at any break in a lease this year.

He said tenants need to take matters into their own hands and serve a notice on their landlords stating that they themselves would like a review.

  • The Scotsman, 13/05/98, page 28.

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