Tesco joins British lamb club

29 October 1998

Tesco joins British lamb club

By FWi staff

TESCO has become the latest supermarket to buy more British lamb in an effort to support the livestock industry.

Tesco will buy an extra 1000 quality lightweight hill lambs each week which will be sold in selected stores from 9 November.

In a separate move, the supermarket will also buy 150 tonnes of British lamb under the Aids to Private Storage Scheme, said Steve Murrells, Tesco meat category manager.

“We have worked hard to explore what additional help Tesco was able to give to sheep farmers during the current crisis,” said Mr Murrells.

The move follows similar announcements by other supermarkets.

Sainsburys last week said it was to sell cuts of meat from smaller British lambs. It expects to boost its demand for sheep by around 1000 lambs per week.

Earlier this month, Asda cancelled its winter order of fresh chilled New Zealand lamb and pledged to buy £2.5 million-worth of British lamb instead.

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