Tesco suspends meat supplier

22 July 1997

Tesco suspends meat supplier

Tesco has suspended meat purchases from the St Merryn Meat plant in
the face of a critical TV programme about production hygiene at the
plant. The supermarket chain, which is the UKs largest butcher with meat sales of £1bn a year, said incidents shown in the World In Action programme of meat being packed after falling on the floor were deplorable.

Staff at the St Merryn plant are undergoing re-training to comply with Tescos procedures.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has also
suspended production of meat at the plant for its Freedom Food range, after it was alleged that free range meat was often mixed with standard meat suppliers. The Freedom Food range guarantees humane treatment of animals.

Granada Televisions programme sent three undercover reporters into the plant to work as general meat packers for more than two months.

  • Financial Times 22/07/97 page 7

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