Tesco to feel farmers wrath

8 January 2002

Tesco to feel farmers’ ‘wrath’

By Adrienne Francis

MILITANT farmers are threatening to blockade Tesco depots across the country from Tuesday (8 January), report two national papers.

Farmers for Action intends to step up protests unless the chain agrees to a meeting with chief executive Sir Terry Leahy to negotiate farm prices.

The Times reports that a core of about 500 farmers aims to disrupt supplies of staple goods including milk, bread and meat.

Action is expected to take place in Cheshire, Northamptonshire, South Yorkshire, Hampshire and South Wales, it says.

Farmers for Action spokesman David Handley fears that Tesco plans to force down milk prices, reports the Guardian.

Plans to drop prices by up to 2p to around 18ppl from April would be strongly resisted, it says.

“Tesco will feel the wrath of farmers” after causing “a major crisis in UK agriculture” by its “heavy-handed attitude,” he said.

A Tesco spokesman said the firm did care about UK farming, but could not control the market place in which it operated.

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