The arrogance of MAFF

05 June 1998

The ‘arrogance’ of MAFF

MICHAEL JACK, shadow agriculture secretary, challenged the ministry of agriculture on “its arrogance and complacency” during agriculture questions in Parliament yesterday (Thursday).

Michael Brown, former Tory MP for Brigg and Cleethorpes, pens a piece in The Independent on question time, in which he says there is only one rule any member needs to remember about agriculture questions – that farmers are always grumbling.

He recounts how Jack and junior minister Elliot Morley got into a convoluted exchange about agri-monetary compensation and how Gordon Prentice (Lab, Pendle) was concerned about low-level antibiotics as a prophylactic and predicted biological Armageddon.

A another comment piece in The Guardian considers questions on genetically modified fruits, supermarket regulation, cattle traceability and British bees suffering from the Varrao Jacobsoni mite.

  • The Independent 05/06/98 page 6 (Sketch)
  • The Guardian 05/06/98 page 2 (Sketch)

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