The Black Sheep – July 06

25 July

A-maizing 2

As promised more maize mazes.

This time it’s at Newton House Farm near Bingham. They’ve teamed up with John Deere to grow a maze in the shape of a very recognisable motif.

It’s over six acres and includes a bridge and viewing platform.

If you fancy going along admission is a fiver and you can contact Carole Fisher for group visits if necessary.

I reckon it must be around here somewhere but Google’s maps are a little out of date (plus a bit fuzzy in Nottinghamshire)

newton maize maze

Nothing runs like a field of maize

24 July

I’m game if you are?

The theme of this year’s CLA Game Fair (this Friday and Saturday) is “have-a-go”.

Fishing, shooting, dog handling, quad biking, even parachuting – we’re all being encouraged to get hands on with the activities that are being showcased down at the Broadlands site.

Sounds a bit like hard work to me but it obviously appeals to The Black Sheep’s more adventurous colleague – Mr Deputy Editor.

He’s volunteered to be our Peter Duncan and get recorded (audio), for the purposes of the FWi Podcast, “having a go” at some of the activities.

Personally I’m looking forward to finding out how the Deputy Editor wrestling with a ferret down his trousers transfers to the podcast medium.

19 July


Ah yes – it’s that time again and the maize mazes are beginning to pop up on the radar.

Thanks go to Hannah & Oliver Arnold for sending this one in.

Apparently it’s in the shape of a Fendt 930 (sponsored by their local dealers NFM Randell) but how you can tell it’s a 930 and not a 920 is beyond me.

maize maze

“That’s great. But where’s the entrance?”

More maize mazes to coming soon … (have you got pics of one? Send them to me!)

13 July

Video nasty

If you haven’t already noticed FWi’s pilot webcast (video) is up on the site.

We’ve been looking to try out some video streaming for a while now and The Royal Show seemed as good an opportunity as any.

The idea was to present a “grand day out” with highlights from all aspects of the show.

Feedback so far has been really good.

And compared to the shoddy effort the competition has managed to scrape together we’re well pleased with our vid.

From a personal perspective, I have a new-found respect for TV reporters and presenters. Talk about feeling self aware while the camera’s rolling! I doubt I’ll be referred to as One Take Targett for a long time yet.

Hats off to Mr FW Photographer for all his work in putting it together.

royal show video screen shot 

“Can I see some ID please?”

6 July

It’s a Royal knockout

Phew! Wot a scorcher! The Royal Show was a hot one this year and no mistake.


Lots of good stuff going on though with FW doing a spot of video (coming soon) and podcasting for the site.


Also did a fair amount of trailing around after two particular politicians (Cameron and Miliband).


Must say my favourite bit of the Show was doing my stint on the Farmers Weekly stand inflating and handing out balloons and getting down with the kids.


Here are some snaps for those of you thirsty for more:


royal show david cameron with fw girls

Cameron shows he’s got an eye for the ladies

royal show fw stand

“Is this where I sign up for yoga?”

royal show yfc ladies tug of war

On the pull – the YFC ladies battle it out

royal show balcony view

Room with a view – The Burke’s parade passes
under the FW Balcony

royal show fallen judge

Tommy’s headlock is deemed an ‘illegal move’
by Man vs Beast wrestling referee

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