The Black Sheep – June 2006

30 June

Royal flush

Seemingly the entire office is decamping to the Royal Show next week (bit like the BBC in Germany for the World Cup – just how many staff have they got out there?).


Anyway we’ve got stacks going on at the FWi stand, lots of editorial staff for you to chat to, David Cameron’s there at 1.30pm on the Monday to present our Food Miles petition to the supermarkets, the winner of the Farm Planner of the Year is being awarded their prize, there’s a Food Miles competition for the kids (and one for the adults) and loads more …


I’ll be knocking around if you fancy a chat about FWi and its future development. I’m doing a podcast and video thing so might not be there all the time but you can leave a message for me at the stand and arrange a meet up time.





28 June


She’s a leader!

Model employee

I see the lovely Miss Deputy News is to thank for the leader (the opinion bit on the first page) in the magazine this week – 23 June.

As well as offering her views on the Competition Commission’s announcement that they’re to investigate the food supply chain, we’re also treated to her picture.

Also worthy of note is the FWi Hit Parade on page 7 which lists the top five most popular stories on FWi each week. This week’s Hit Parade has a cute cartoon lampooning the RPA sex scandal thing.

The more courageous among us questioned whether Miss Deputy News had extended her modeling career to act as model for the cartoonist …

hit parade cartoon

RPA News flash …

16 June

Pod carrier

While the rest of the country have been glued to their teles watching the 2006 WC (“Wayne’s Cup”), the hard-working FW team having been diligently reporting from the Cereals Event up in Lincolnshire.

Yours truly was on a podcast mission and spent most of the time feeling like a bit of a prat walking around thrusting a bright red microphone into people’s faces.

However after the initial startled bunny look most people seem warm to the idea of being on the FWi Podcast and I reckon I’ve captured some interesting bits and bobs worthy of a listen.

The Cereals podcast should be out in early July – these podcast tend to be fairly late after the actual event due to the production time needed to get them into shape. Ie. I need to find the time to edit out all the bloopers.

Among other reasons this is why the June one is still not up yet – but fingers crossed it should be very soon!

Anyway – as is a Black Sheep tradition – here’s a snap of some promo girls at the Landini stand that the Machinery boys commissioned:

landini girls

The Landini designers were happy with the
new model’s pulling power …

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