The Black Sheep – November

November 30, 2005 

Pulling power

MT: A member of the Flock has sent in this snap from the Emerald Isle. Good use of Horse Power if you ask me. I for one would like to see more tractors pulling such loads along our Highways.

Beer tractor

The toy chest massive were in for one hell of a night

November 29, 2005 

The children are our future

roast chicken

The effects of the bird flu virus had taken a turn for the better

MT: The Black Sheep, as well as being a pretty face, is also helping to educate and alert the world to the dangers of bird flu and steps you can take to minimse its spread.

This is evident through th work of The Flock’s youngest member, William Liam (aged 10 and 3/4).

Young William has sent in this poem to help combat the malignant disease via the hard-nosed medium of rhyming couplets. Of particular poignancy is the stark image he paints of daughters throughout the land falling foul of the menace of standing water.

Respect to William.

Dispose of eggs, dead birds and manure,
As bird ‘flu has no cure.

Don’t leave standing water,
Cause bird ‘flu could kill your daughter.

Bird ‘flu could damage your wealth,
So monitor your bird’s health.

Isolate incoming stock,
Cause they could kill your flock!

Keep areas clean and tidy,
Wild birds will have nowhere to hidey!

Beware of birds on migration,
They have no immunisation.

If they have diarrhoea,
You’ve got something to fear!

Ring DEFRA if you’re in trouble
Their number is in this bubble:

November 22, 2005

Farmers Weekly Marketplace online

farmers weekly marketplace logo‘MT: For the last few weeks us “interneters” have been up to our necks developing the latest enhancement to this site.

This time it’s the classifieds section that getting a much needed revamp.

The new module will offer much for than the old, both for buyers and sellers. For example, it’s designed to cater in a different ways for both trade dealers selling their kit and for one-off users.

The Farmers Weekly Marketplace as it will be known (in conjunction with the magazine section) will also allow sellers to monitor their advert’s activity (ie. the number of views and enquiries).

We’ve also taken a good look at the category listings and reworked that to better meet the needs of the users.

You’ll hopefully be able to use and peruse the new section from early December – so Christmas is definitely coming early for FWi users this year!

November 2, 2005 

It’s in the bank for rather too long… 

TR: Banks, don’t get me started on banks! Is it all of them, or just mine, that hasn’t seemed to grasp the fact that there might actually – surprise, surprise – be more people going in at lunchtime. Why on earth don’t they have more staff there then to deal with the lunchtime rush? I’m in a foul mood every time I leave that place (although admittedly that might also have something to do with the overdraft!)   

November 1, 2005

It’s in the bank

mt with premiership trophy

Reminiscent of a young
John Terry
(ermm… well … a slightly
older John Terry if the truth
be told)

Glitz, glamour and good old football thuggery came to sunny Sutton today as the Barclays Premiership Trophy was displayed for all to see in the local Barclays bank branch.

Well if all could summon the energy to stumble out in to the light and stagger down the hill to the bank that is.

Yours truly and Mr News journeyed south (in support of the X-Factor duo) in the hope of witnessing some 1966-style dramatic trophy theft and subsequent recovery.

Two rather large “assistants” were putting any would-be thieves off, so we had to settle for a cheesy photo call.


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