The Farmers Weekly guide to renewable energy

Climate change has been described as the biggest challenge facing the world.

Farmers Weekly is committed to keeping you up-to-date and informed as the debate progresses, offering practical advice that can help you make a difference.


As energy costs soar, farms and estates are at the mercy of giant energy conglomerates. So how can you take control? FW Business Editor Andrew Shirley reports on how to make your energy costs add up.


Meterological Office forecasts show extreme drought will affect one-third of the planet by the end of this century. So what are the implications for UK farming systems and how might they adapt to cope with the change in climate? Read Gilly Johnson’s report.


There are plenty of ways farms can tackle energy costs through alternative, sustainable sources – and perhaps even harvest a profit. Kevin Lindegaard reports on solar heating, ground-source heat pumps and small-scale wind turbines.

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