The GM seed fiasco – news roundup

25 May 2000

The GM seed fiasco – news roundup

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Greenpeace accused over GM maize

25 May, 2000

EUROPEAN seed manufacturers have rejected Greenpeace claims that almost 1 million hectares of maize may be contaminated with genetically modified seed.

Brown denies GM maize plantings

25 May, 2000

AGRICULTURE Minister Nick Brown has denied having any information that genetically modified maize has been unknowingly planted by farmers.

Tories on the offensive over GM seed

25 May, 2000

SHADOW agriculture minister Tim Yeo is to raise the controversy over genetically modified contaminated seed in the House of Commons.

Second GM seed blunder unearthed

24 May, 2000

MAIZE contaminated with genetically modified seed has become the second crop suspected of being planted across thousands of hectares of farmland.

Farmer to sue over GM rape?

24 May, 2000

A FARMER who destroyed genetically modified oilseed rape he unwittingly planted has threatened legal action.

Farmers start to plough in GM rape

23 May, 2000

FARMERS are starting to destroy fields of genetically modified oilseed rape planted unknowingly from contaminated seed supplied by Advanta Seeds UK

Anti-GM protestors invade MAFF

23 May, 2000

PROTESTORS have stormed the Ministry of Agriculture in London in protest at the governments handling of the fiasco over GM-contaminated oilseed rape.

Mowlam admits mistake over GM

23 May, 2000

MO MOWLAM has admitted that the government “may have made a mistake” in its handling of the GM contamination blunder.

Brown rejects call to resign over GMs

22 May, 2000

AGRICULTURE minister Nick Brown has rejected calls for his resignation after the governments handling of the furore over GM-contaminated oilseed rape.

GM rape crop may be worthless

19 May, 2000

THOUSANDS of hectares of genetically modified oilseed rape accidentally grown by hundreds of British farmers may be worthless.

Zero tolerance of GM impossible

19 May, 2000

ZERO tolerance of genetically modified material is an impossible standard, claims the company at the centre of the GM contaminated oilseed row.

Rip up contaminated OSR, urge greens

18 May, 2000

CALLS are growing for British farmers to destroy thousands of hectares of GM crops they unwittingly planted after a mistake by a biotechnology company.

Advanta points to tardy regulation

18 May, 2000

GOVERNMENT regulations to minimise genetic contamination of conventional seeds should have been considered sooner, claims the company which mistakenly sold GM seeds to UK farmers.

Biotech company in GM seed fiasco

17 May, 2000

BRITISH farmers have unwittingly planted up to 15,000 hectares of crops from genetically modified seed, the company Advanta Seeds UK has admitted.

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