The governments double standards

24 February 2000

The government’s double standards

MR FLYNNS comments (Insensitive MP in farm suicide claim, FWi, 04 February, 2000)on farm suicides shows exactly how little the government really cares about the crisis we are all in.

The suicide figures do not show the number of deaths through stress-related diseases.

There is a moral issue which seems to have been missed.

After watching the TV programme on super-volcanoes the other night – where it was said that an eruption was due from a huge volcano under Yellowstone Park and the blast would cover the food producing areas of North America with 3ft of ash, leading to mass stavation in the western world – I began thinking about what happened in the last food crisis in this country ,the last war.

At a time when farmers could have made huge profits by selling their goods to the highest bidder, the govenment took control to stop this happening.

In the event of another such crisis they would do the same again.

If they wish to retain the right to stop us getting very rich, they take on the responsibility to to stop us getting very poor – something they clearly are not doing.

How can we trust people who operate such double standards?

  • MW Fisher, Nuneaton, Warwickshire

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