The Rural Charter details

27 May 1998

  • The Rural Charter — details

    THERE are nine demands in the Rural Charter, signed by 25 Agricultural and allied bodies today (27 May). It calls on the Government and “key decision-makers” to:

    • Acknowledge the severity of the crisis affecting rural Britain and act to remedy it;
    • Take every conceivable step to lower the value of the Pound;
    • Take economic policy decision which allow lower interest rates;
    • Avoid unnecessary regulatory burdens and ensure that similar controls are imposed across the whole of Europe;
    • Ensure that imported products are submitted to the same regulations and standards as required of British producers;
    • Ensure fair agrimoney arrangements;
    • Consider carefully the impact of all Government and European policieson the fragile rural economy and, where necessary, modify them
    • Promote, in Government and European policies, new opportunities for rural businesses, inlcuding proper funding for agri-environment schemes and rural development
    • Ensure the survival of a living countryside for our own and future generations.

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