Theres a lot to see and theres a lot of space to see it in

16 November 2001

Theres a lot to see and theres a lot of space to see it in

Germanys Agritechnica

Show – Europes largest

indoor machinery event –

has been keenly awaited by

manufacturers and visitors,

as the industry endured the

almost complete absence of

events this year. Andy Collings,

David Cousins and

Stephen D Howe report

IT is a daunting show. The Exhibition Grounds at Hanover – home for Germanys Agritechnica Event – with its multitude of halls, most of which could consume Earls Court with ease, is not a place for those lacking in stamina.

Without labouring the point, suffice to say that there is an awful lot to see and an awful lot of space to see it in.

Not surprisingly, for Europes big manufacturers, Agritechnica is the place to exhibit the latest machinery developments, presenting visitors with a chance to glean all that is new in the industry.

Drawing one of the larger crowds was the Valtra stand where the companys new S260 tractor was unveiled, although more discerning visitors may recall seeing the prototype on show a couple of years ago.

Powered by a 260hp, six-cylinder, turbo-charged and inter-cooled Valmet engine complete with electronic fuel management, the S260 becomes the most powerful tractor in Valtras range. The company is also set to introduce a 230hp version and possibly a 200hp model later next year. Transmission for the S series tractors is a semi-powershift with six mechanically selected speeds each with four powershift ratios. The addition of four creeper speeds and powershift ratios brings the total number of gears available to 40. A clutchless shuttle lever provides an equal number of gears in reverse.

The S series is also fitted with a turbo clutch, an arrangement which allows the tractor to remain stationery while in gear with movement occurring only when the engine speed is increased. It is a similar system used by Fendt for its tractors and, having mentioned Fendts name, it is interesting to note that Valtra is exploring the possibility of fitting the CVT box to the new tractors.

Other features of the S260 include 7t capacity front linkages and options for front pto and TwinTrac reverse drive control. &#42

Here at last. Valtras S260 tractor was officially launched at Agritechnica after being seen as a prototype some years before.

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