Theres money in organic milk – Persey

By FWi staff

ORGANIC milk markets can be developed and reasonable premiums maintained, says Roger Persey, a founder of Meadow Farm.

But he emphasises the need to avoid too many organic milk salesmen undercutting each other, especially those selling both organic and conventional milk.

Meadow Farm has pioneered the organic trade with supermarkets over the past decade.

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Bruton Knowles

There is always a temptation to offer organic products as loss-leaders, said Mr Persey during a recent tour of his Devon dairy and poultry farm by Devon Farm Management Association.

He also expressed concern about attempts by some companies to push the ex-farm price to 30ppl and beyond.

If you talk the price up in times of shortage, you cant complain if it comes down when supplies increase.

He welcomed a guarantee by Horizon Organic, the US-based firm which bought Meadow Farms recently, to maintain both price and volume under existing five-year contracts.

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