Theres scope to cut production costs

19 May 2000

Theres scope to cut production costs

LOWERING production costs to 75p/kg should be possible, according to Andrew Simpson, a pig producer who also works for A-One Nutrition.

His 1000-sow unit, near Fife, has production costs of 81p/kg. Sows are kept outdoors, with offspring coming indoors for finishing. "The lowest costs of production are achieved by home-mixing feed and breeding your own replacements," said Mr Simpson.

On his unit, pigs above 45kg are already fed at low cost on a home-mixed wet ration, with the sexes split. "Costs are also reduced by taking pigs to 105kg rather than 95kg." But he believed there was scope to cut costs for pigs between 18kg and 45kg. Those are fed a compound ration, it would lower costs to home-mix this feed.

Sow feed costs could also be cut by bringing them indoors, said Mr Simpson. Intakes of feed outdoors were high at 1.5t a sow a year.

These measure should bring costs down to 75p/kg, he said. &#42

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