They put the food on farmings table

9 July 1999

They put the food on farmings table

THEY were queuing for food by 8.30am. The visitors parked, got out of their cars and, before inspecting any of auction sale lots, tended to a more pressing need – breakfast.

Some of them found it at Rupert Kitchens, the mobile food wagons run by Ted and Wendy Ibbotson, who share-farm at Market Weighton.

Two units were, on this occasion, at the big York machinery auction. And on board – among other supplies – were 120 dozen bread rolls, 250lb of bacon, 60lb of sausages and 20 dozen eggs. But they didnt want to run out and, besides, these were hungry punters.

The Ibbotsons took over the business 12 years ago and now attend a variety of events. Its like Ted says: "Theres always a crowd somewhere."

Serving out the food is just part of the job. Behind the scenes, theres the cleaning, cooking and cash-and-carrying. Its a labour of love, though, and a satisfying one too when people come back, time after time.

Its also a business that, in todays farming climate, is much-needed. Ted sums it up in a suitably catering-related analogy: "Farming gives us the table – this puts the food on it."

Tim Relf

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