Thinking small

17 July 1998

Thinking small

THERE is no diet mixer and feeder wagon to meet the needs of smaller dairy farmers -those running 30+ herds, insists Tony Soan, Shelbourne Reynolds sales and marketing manager. It is this reasoning which has led the company to develop a model which retails, in its basic form at just £7500.

The Powermix Popular retains many of the features of the companys current models – a single vertical auger and a 6cu m/3t capacity – the main difference is the absence of a delivery conveyor.

Instead, the Popular has a hydraulically opening delivery door cut into the side of the mixing chamber.

Not quite so easy to use as the conveyor, which was capable of delivering feed into troughs to the right and left, the Popular manages to drop feed onto the floor to the right of the machine. Space left by the missing conveyor can be used to store concentrates.

Options for the Popular extend to weigh cells, priced at £1500 and a rubber retaining flap fitted around the top of the mixing hopper, priced at £600.

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