This post driver makers pride

3 July 1998

This post driver makers pride

PARMITER, long famed for its post-driving equipment, has now produced a version which it considers to have attained a certain degree of excellence.

The new Professional model, with its 200kg driving weight has been designed to handle posts having cross-sections up to 650 square cm – 12in x 7in, for example.

With hydraulic control to ensure the mast is vertical, hydraulically extending telescopic support legs and a telescoping boom which can be rotated through an arc of 180deg, the unit must go some way to easing the task of post location in those awkward field corners.

Further refinement is to be found in the drivers cab-mounted control system. An electro/hydraulic system, control of the weight is via two buttons – one to raise and the other for drop. Other controls activate the positioning of the mast.

Safety has been a prime requirement in the design of the control system. The unit has first to be "armed" by pressing a button and, should a delay occur before driving operations commence, the unit automatically shuts down and requires re-arming.

For remote operation of the driver when standing outside the cab, the system includes a wander lead which isolates the tractor-cab controls and has its own inbuilt safety features.

Tractor power requirement for the Professional is rated at 90hp and an oil flow of 60 litres/min at 138 bar (2000 psi) is required.

Festooned with hydraulic positioning controls, Parmiters Professional post driver is equipped with a 200kg driving weight.

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