Thousands back our hunt campaign

21 December 2000

Thousands back our hunt campaign

By FWi staff

MORE than 10,500 people joined the FARMERS WEEKLY campaign to send a clear message to No 10 Downing Street: Hands Off Hunting, Mr Blair.

Never before have the readers of two magazines, FARMERS WEEKLY and Horse and Hound, come together to protest about the prospect of a ban on hunting.

The respective editors of both publications, Stephen Howe and Anthony Garvey, will deliver the pledges of support to Downing Street on 5 January.

“Im so proud that the readers of both magazines have sent such an unequivocal message to Tony Blair: Respect country rights and let people make their own minds up about hunting with hounds,” said Mr Howe.

About 4500 people gathered in Trafalgar Square on Wednesday (20 December) as MPs began the second reading of the Governments Hunting Bill.

A free vote on whether hunting with hounds should be banned of MPs is expected in the New Year.

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