Thousands to march against GM feed

13 September 1999

‘Thousands’ to march against GM feed

By FWi staff

ENVIRONMENTALISTS claim to be mobilising thousands of supporters to take part in a mass rally against genetically-modified animal feed later this month.

The demonstration is being planned for Sunday 26 September — the first day of the Labour Party conference in Bournemouth.

Campaigners claim that more than half of Britains milk, butter, cheese, meat and eggs are produced from animal feed which contains GM ingredients.

They have booked more than 20 coaches to take protestors to the “Bournemouth ’99” rally, during which a petition will be presented to Labour Party officials.

Demonstrators are using the logo of a red cow to draw attention to their cause with a motto which proclaims that there is something scary in the dairy.

“Weve had a good response and expect a few thousand people down there,” a spokeswoman for the campaigners told Farmers Weekly.

Although there is no proof that including GM ingredients in feed is detrimental to animal health, many people say not enough research has been carried out.

Many consumers concerned with the issue of GM material in animal feed blame poor regulation within the feed industry for the rapid spread of BSE.

An Oxford Union debate motion supporting the motion that GM animal feed should be banned received a majority of 231 votes when it was debated last June.

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