Threat to Shrewsbury market

By FWi staff

THE future of Shrewsbury livestock market was thrown into doubt on Monday following a borough council meeting.

During the meeting, Lib-Dem and Labour councillors reportedly joined forces to ensure that the markets future was on the agenda of the next county council meeting on 20 November.

The 10.5ha town-centre, council-owned market site is reputedly subject of a 15 million bid from Tesco.

It is also the location for the towns park-and-ride scheme and its future could now come under threat.

As part of closure proposals, the council is reportedly offering Shrewsbury Livestock Auctioneers 20,000 to find a new location, and to pay farmers costs to travel to another mart for five years.

This proposal was described by David Giles of the auctioneers as “an insult” and in opposition to the councils assurances that Shrewsbury would always have a livestock market.

He appealed for all local farmers to register their disapproval with the council before its next meeting.

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