Three farming generations on stage

10 May 2002

Three farming generations on stage

CITY dwellers will get a taste of the current countryside problems, thanks to a play opening in Southwark Playhouse this month.

The Farm, which has toured the south-west and been broadcast on Radio 4, examines three generations of a West Country farming family.

Producer Harry Bucknall hopes it will be thought-provoking for London audiences who may be unaware of the realities of country life and the "immense influence" supermarkets have on farmers.

"I hope it will show people the harsh realities of life for the farming community."

With rural issues again now making national headlines, it was "now or never" as regards taking the play to the capital, says Mr Bucknall.

"If this chance was not seized, the opportunity to raise awareness of the important issues raised within the play to key London audiences may be missed altogether."

The Farm, which is written by Nell Leyshon, is set in the farmhouse kitchen of a family with money worries. Though fictitious, its been described as "in turns hilariously funny, heartbreakingly sad and unbearably tense".

*For more details of the play, which runs for four weeks from May 14, contact Southwark Playhouse (020-7652 2224).

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