Three nozzles aid spraying

19 November 1999

Three nozzles aid spraying

A new liquid fertiliser spraying system has been introduced by Ag-Chem which allows a wide range of application rates to be catered for.

It is a design which allows variable rates to be applied in respect of specific area requirements, while maintaining respectable forward speeds.

Comprising groups of three nozzles – high, medium and low volume – fitted in clusters at intervals along the spray boom, an on board computer linked to a GPS system activates some or all of the nozzles to alter the application rate.

For example, if a high rate is required all the nozzles would be activated and, for a very low rate, just the low volume nozzles would be used. All rates in between can be catered for by using various combinations calculated by the computer.

Nozzle switching is pneumatic – three air lines pass along the spray boom – one for each of the high, medium and low volume nozzles and switch them on or off as required.

Ag-Chem says the system allows almost instant changes in application rates – much quicker than systems which alter rates by devices sited some distance away from the spray boom. &#42

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