Three sites finish harvesting

16 October 1998

Three sites finish harvesting

MAIZE crops inc-reased in maturity at all sites and those in Devon, Norfolk and Hants have now been harvested.

After a reasonable weeks weather, all sites have moved forward in dry matter per cent this week – despite dropping back last week through water uptake. However, it would appear that regional variations are wider than expected. Warmer weath- er in Scotland has seen crop dry matter increase more than in Yorks where there have been cold winds.

Derbys contractor Robert Parker, Ticknall expects to harvest compact stay green varieties next week, even though they look green.

Katharine Leach of the SAC, Dumfries, adds that samples taken this week have been a surprise. Crop maturity has responded to better weather. &#42

Forage maize dry matter change

Site DM% Oct 1 DM% Oct 8 Change on week %

Crediton, Devon 29.2 Harvested n/a

Attleborough, Norfolk 31.6 Harvested n/a

Gelli Aur College, Dyfed 25.7 27.8 +2.1

Winchester, Hants 32.5 Harvested n/a

Ticknall, Derbys 22.7 27.2 +4.5

Castle Howard, N Yorks 19.4 22.8 +3.4

Dumfries, Scotland* 22.3 28.8 +6.5

* Variety Nancis – all other sites drilled with Sophy

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